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Jõhvi Concert House opened its doors on October 8, 2005 under the management of Aivar Mäe, acting at the time as the Director of Estonian Concert. The architects of the concert house are Ra Luhse and Tanel Tuhal. Linda Madalik created the concert hall’s excellent acoustics.

Cinema Amadeus, Jõhvi City Gallery, Jõhvi Music School, Jõhvi Hobby Centre and Café Noot reside in the building.
Jõhvi Concert House is an excellent choice for organising various events. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festive receptions, classical concerts, ballet performances, balls, rock concerts and many more in can be held at Jõhvi Concert Hall. Our customers prefer us because of the comfort we provide, our convenient location, great indoor opportunities, a spacious parking lot and diversity.
The colourful history of Jõhvi Concert Hall dates back to the year 1491, when Jõhvi Manor with its historicist features stood on the spot of the modern Jõhvi Concert House. The manor buildings were surrounded by a spacious park, which can be found next to the concert house even today, reminding us of the former glory of the manor.


Name Position E-mail Phone
Mihhail Kastritski  Jõhvi Concert Hall / Operations Manager +372 334 2010
Jüri Leemets Chief Administrator +372 334 2005
Urmi Püve Secretary +372 334 2009
Anastassia Kozulina Sales Manager +372 334 2006
Front Desk +372 334 2003; +372 334 2004
Riho Unt Sound Technician +372 334 2008
Aleksandr Platunov Lighting Specialist +372 334 2027
Oleg Markitahhin Chief Stage Technician +372 334 2025

Few rules to follow

We wish for you to have a lovely time at our concerts.
Therefore, we have written down a few rules that we ask you to follow in our concert halls:

  • Latecomers are not allowed in the hall; if possible, they are directed to the balcony
  • Please leave your overcoats in the coat check
  • Filming and taking photographs are forbidden without prior agreement
  • No pets are allowed in the concert hall
  • No objects that could endanger yourself and others are allowed in the concert hall
  • Our concert hall premises are non-smoking areas


Parking is free in front of Jõhvi Concert Hall.

For visitors with special needs

In Jõhvi Concert Hall, customer service employees will help visitors in wheelchairs.

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