It is possible to organise exhibitions in Jõhvi Concert House all year round. We offer spacious and well-lighted lobby areas on two floors for the purpose.

The exhibitions in Jõhvi Concert House have always been enjoyable and interesting to the seminar and concert visitors. We are always open to inspiring and unique showcases and bringing young Estonian artists’ work to the viewers.

Options for showcasing exhibitions:

SALVA hall frames (U-shaped)           10 m, 7 m
2nd floor frames (right-hand lobby)    10 m
2nd floor frames (left-hand lobby)      10 m
3rd floor frames (left side)                 1.5 m, 5 m
3rd floor, straight wall frames             4 m; 5 m

As of September 1, 2011, showcasing an exhibition in Jõhvi Concert House costs 50 euros per month.

Additional information: 
Urmi Püve
Secretary of Jõhvi Concert Hall
Phone: 334 2009



Stanislav Moškovi fotonäitus “Rahvusballett karantiinis”.

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